An invitation to dance

Tango has a system of long-distance communication to make and accept invitations to dance. Here are the three steps you need to know if you want to get on the dancefloor.

Cabaceo, compas and cortina – 12 tango terms you should know

You come to class to learn a dance and you soon find you're learning a whole new language. Here's a guide to the tango terminology you're likely to come across in your first few months of dancing. 

What shoes should I get for tango?

Tango shoes are beautiful and can make a huge difference to your dance, but there are important factors to consider when choosing your first pair.

There’s no need to buy special shoes for your first few tango lessons, but here are our recommendations for when you're ready to invest!

Milonga etiquette

Traditional milongas have a lot of customs or codigos. They’ve all evolved for physical safety and social comfort, so no-one gets trodden on or offended. It can feel a bit overwhelming, so here's a 101 guide on what to expect at your first milonga.

Experiments to find your ideal tango posture

Tango can sometimes feel like it's full of contradictions. Should you bend your knees more or less, make yourself heavy or light in the embrace?

Here are seven experiments you can try on your own to work towards finding your ideal tango posture.

The most famous tango

La cumparsita, 'the little parade', is the most recognisable and widely recorded tango song of all time and is traditionally played at the end of every milonga. 

What is a practica?

Not quite a milonga, not quite a class, a practica is an informal dance event where you can come and practice your technique, try out new moves, meet friends and ask the teachers any questions you have about tango.

All about milonga music

Have you noticed how everyone starts laughing at the end of a particularly fast milonga tanda? And once you start dancing it you’ll discover for yourself how much fun it is. 

The anatomy of a tango track

Did you know that all tango music is played on the same four instruments? Here are some other things to listen for as you get to know tango music better.

What are tango songs about?

Lost love, heartbreak, betrayal, passion - and lots more. Here are a few excerpts with translations of the lyrics that you will hear in our tango classes.

El Flete by Juan D'Arienzo

Savio and Katriona dance to El Flete by Juan D'Arienzo. Follow us on Instagram at to see more videos of us teaching and dancing.

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